What drew me to the McFarland Dianic Tradition.  A male McFarland Dianic perspective

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I grew up in a Southern Baptist family and am now a McFarland Dianic priest.  Like quite a few of us in the craft, I did not grow up pagan but came to it later in life.  In my time growing up I had always attended church and heard the stories in the Bible.  They never really resonated with me.  I started questioning my beliefs as I got older.  I thought about how life is created.  It is the woman that gives birth and carries the child to term in her womb.  The male has a part to play in the creation of the life but it is the woman who is the life giver.
In realizing this I started to think of deity in a more feminine aspect which was the total opposite of how I was raised.  I remember when I first found this path and the first time I saw the Goddess and it was a feeling of overwhelming peace as she told me “Welcome home, my child”.  Shortly after this I met my lovely wife to be, got married, initiated and became a McFarland Dianic priest.  Even now, I find myself working with only Goddesses for the most part.  Which is rather funny because I also practice Ceremonial Magick, Qabalah, and Enochian Magick.  More on that later though…