Rites and Rituals

  Ritual is a way of making unconscious acts conscious. However ritual is done, it is powerful because it is sacred. This sacredness permeates all of our lives and reflects not only our belief in the Goddess, but our desire to nurture and sustain our connection with Her.

Simple or elaborate, our rituals connect us to the Goddess and when they do, they create ripples of light and change within our souls. These ripples of energy affect all levels of reality, and the transformational magick of the Goddess touches all things. Thus, "She Changes everything She touches" and we are reminded once again, "if you change yourself, you change the world".

It is for this reason that many of our rituals use our connection with the Goddess for healing work, both for ourselves and others.  A beautiful example of this is Morgan McFarland's "Ritual for Reassurance" that is presented here.

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Solitary Ritual for Reassurance

This is a private ritual for inner strength, peace and reassurance. At its completion, the spine should feel straight and strong, the nerves should be both soothed and alive and receptive, the heart should beat slowly and strongly, and the mind should be clearer and more tranquil.
All the senses should be more perceptive and open.

There are two ways that this ritual may be done: It may be physically enacted or done within the mind.

If it is done within the mind, it can be performed even in a crowded bus, a busy library, or while your roommate sleeps in the bed next to you. It does help to have something to concentrate upon when the circle is mind-cast: book of poetry, a painting or drawing with special significance, a lighted candle. Sit facing the North with your focal point before you, and concentrate your attention on the object until your breathing is slow and comfortable and the world has receded, leaving you feeling calmer and isolated. Then begin with the invocation, mentally envisioning each step of the ritual as though you were physically doing it.

If you can physically perform the ritual, first cast your circle in whatever way is pleasant or possible: by marking it or using things like flowers or stones or even houseplants. Your circle may be this simple, of you may include the elemental candles and symbols and your private altar. These tools are not needed unless you wish them to be a part of this ritual.

)O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O(

When you feel calm and isolated, begin the ritual, speaking the words out loud if possible.

Invocation of the Elements


From Earth I am
From Earth I spring,
From Earth I grow,
Her strength I sing.


Mother Air
Mother Cloud,
Mother Mist.
Mother Proud.


Mother Fire,
Mother Flame,
Mother light,
I call Thy Name.


Mother of Rain,
Wave and Crest,
River and Tempest,
Spirit of the West.

(state this verse while facing North again)

Great Mother, Come:
Behold my rite
Great Mother, I stand within Thy light.

)O( )O( )O( )O( )O(


Now sit of kneel facing the North, resting quietly for a few moments. Then say:

(Touching the forehead)              I know am Thy Daughter, a Woman.

(Touching the closed eyelids)     I wish to see within me calm fields,
Warm candle glow and gentle rains

(Touching the nostrils)                 I desire the smells of new-turned earth,
I desire clear winds,
I long for wood burning fires,
I wish the smell of ocean salt

(Touching the lips)                       I wish to taste the fruits of the earth.
I wish to taste cleansing breezes,
I wish the taste of warming foods,
I wish the taste of clear, cool water.

)O( )O( )O( )O( )O(

Now quietly meditate on each Element, feeling yourself becoming each: dark earth or warm sand, winds and breezes, candlelight and hearth fires, the ocean and small brooks and streams. When you have felt the elements as though you are within them, continue.

(Touching the breasts)

Mother, give me a strong heart.
Mother, let my heart be open.
Mother, warm my heart from others' coldness.
Mother, let my feelings flow.

(Touching the knees)

Let my knees touch Thy breast.
Let my knees be stroked by the wind
Let my knees kneel before Thy flame.
Let my knees feel the waters' caress.

(Touching the feet)

Sister, see my feet be firm.
Sister, see my feet in dance.
Sister, see my feet walk freely.
Sister, see my steps tread gently.

Chant now a Goddess-Name or Names, or "Earth-Water-Air and Fire" concentrating on some focal point, until each muscle relaxes and the mind is free enough to say the words and KNOWtheir meaning. After a few moments, sit quietly and picture yourself and the Woman you wish and know yourself to be.

)O( )O( )O( )O( )O(

When your senses have been reawakened, and you are refreshed, gently move away from your Circle, or allow yourself to gently return to your surroundings. If it is night, try to fall asleep as soon as possible, remembering that the energy you have tapped is elemental, and will be there in the morning.

This ritual may be done again and again, and like most ritual, grows stronger in its result each time it is done.

Blessed Be!